sabato 23 ottobre 2010

Dream n° 2

Defendant, listen,
we have listened to you.

You didn't know you had a phosphorus conscience
stuck between your aorta and your intentions.
We've been watching you
since the first heartbeat
'till the slowest rhythms
of last emotion,
when you used to kill
helping the power.
The Elder associates of power,
crowded on the fall
to defend
their celebration.

And if you thought it was revenge,
the guardian phosphorus
signaled your need of power
while you got excited in the coolest role of the law,
the one that doesn't protect:
the one called Executioner.

the longest finger of your hand
is the the middle finger,
is index finger,
and yet you judged too.

You absolved and condemned
over me,
but over me,
for what you've done,
for how you renewed it,
the power is grateful to you.

once a Judge, like me,
judged who dictated the law:
first, they changed the Judge,
and immediately after
the law.

Today, a Judge like me
asks the power if he can judge.
You are the power.
Do you want to be judged?
Do you want to be absolved or condemned?
Fabrizio de André - Storia di un Impiegato (1973) - Sogno Numero Due

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