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Ginosaji vs. Ginosaji ep. 3
My first attempt ever to translate something professionally. Despite some imperfections, I am quite attached to this work for "sentimental" reasons.
NOTE: To view Italian subtitles, click on the CC icon and then choose "Italian" from the popup menu.

Conventional Prose

Marissa K. Lingen, Il Ministero del Cambiamento
Marissa Lingen is an American writer. Her The Ministry of Change was first published in English on Tor.com on July the 3rd 2013.
The Italian translation came out on August the 17th 2013, and can be downloaded from here.

George Anthony, Le Ombre della Storia

Originally only available on East of the Web, Le Ombre della Storia (original title, Falls the Shadow) is a short story by George Anthony that shares the same premise of David Cronenberg's movie eXistenz.
It can be downloaded from here.



Point Linux

Point Linux is a Debian-based distribution that is fully compatible with Ubuntu. It comes with the MATE Desktop Environment, a fork of GNOME that originated from the transition from GNOME 2 to GNOME 3.

Official Website

Video Games

The Night of the Rabbit
Developed by Daedalic Entertainment, creators of the critically-acclaimed Deponia series, The Night of the Rabbit was first released on Steam on May 28th 2013 in a variety of languages. but unfortunately Italian wasn't one of those. Its Italian localization was made available on November 2013 through digital delivery platforms Steam and Zodiac and in retail through Adventure Productions.

Zombies and Trains!

 A casual game developed by Norwegian game developer Dragonhead Games, Zombies and Trains was first released on iOS devices on February 2013 and the Android version came shortly thereafter.
The update that added support for the Italian language came out on June 2013.
Official website
Developer's website

ASA: A Space Adventure

A point-and-click adventure game by French independent developer Simon Mesnard, ASA: A Space Adventure is a tribute to the popular video games Myst and Riven, and to Stanley Kubrik's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. ASA is available in English, French, and Italian.
Official website
Developer's website

Sacred Line
Developed by Sasha Darko, Sacred Line is a first-person survival horror game available for free on Desura.
A fully dubbed version and a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive one are planned as well.
Official website
Developer's Website

This is Where I Want to Die

A short visual novel by Marcel Weyers, I translated it to Italian in September 2013. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.
Download from Marcel-Weyers.de
Developer's Website


A Debian-based Linux distribution, SolydXK aims to be as lightweight as possible without giving up any of the expected functionality. It is available in two flavours: SolydX (which features the XFCE desktop) and SolydK (with the KDE desktop instead).
Official Website

Wintermute Engine
The Wintermute Engine is a software tool that allows to create point-and-click adventure games. I released a patch that fixes some imperfections in the Italian version available on its official website.
Official website